Mail Server Details

What is your mail server name?

- Your mail server will be called: mail.YourDomainName

- For example if your domain name is then the mail server will be called

How do I open the mail server Control Panel?

- The Control Panel is located at: http://YourMailServerName/cpanel

- Webmail: webmail.YourMailServername

How do I access web mail?

- Go to http://webmail.YourMailServerName

- Enter your email address as your username and your password

- Its better to use Round Cube as your web mail client, you have 3 options when you login select the middle option

Online HTML Editor

I have been looking for a good online HTML editor plugin for our site. Its hard to find one with the right combination of user editing features and a good HTML editor as well.

Check out Thimble Web Maker

This looks like a really good option, you can view the content full screen in a side by side view plus you can create content in HTML mode which is my preference.

In fact we have the Kendo UI editor widget built into Site Switch, but I have to say the HTML editing experience is very basic and I don't use it. I would rather compose my HTML in an editor with some features and then copy and post that HTML back into Site Switch.