Run your online business

Much more than a Content Manager. There are lots of open source systems out there for building websites and we checked a lot of them out, but none of them stacked up to what we wanted, so we rolled our own and created Site Switch. Its built using the latest Microsoft technology and a range of open source frameworks to create an experience that is unique to our system.

We understand that businesses have demanding needs for better integrated web based systems, staff can be working in multiple locations and from home so the web is a critical part. Software needs to be fast, easy to use and available on multiple devices. You never know when you need access to your information and what device you might have with you.

People are struggling to manage the many systems it takes to do business online, when you add the dimension of multiple businesses, micro businesses , its even harder. We built a single system that enables teams to work together and manage businesses online from a single login.


Send HTML messages to email lists
Manage Businesses, Contacts and Notes
Create notes to your team and set follow dates
Manage, Customers and Follow Ups and Sales People
Create users, assign permissions

Software As A Service

Site Switch is available on a monthly service fee basis.  We offer a start up service to help you setup your business online and convert your data and website content into the system and we provide online user training to get you up and running quickly.